My year as a volunteer

I’d like to start my report with the fact that I’m glad that I’ve lived in Jena this year and I had this experience of living abroad and meeting the people here. It was also a very challenging year not only because of Corona, also because of misunderstanding among the other volunteers and the situation with changing the rooms. It was of course the most negative moment during this EVS-year.

About the positive moments — my project called “JZ Treffpunkt” was the best part of my year because of the team and what we were doing there. It was the best project I was dreaming about and I’m really happy that I was the part of the team there. It‘s of course sad for me that some people have gone from the team.

I was also impressed by the culture of german people. I think it’s wonderful that all the people are really respectful and polite to each other especially in the streets. The traditions of the german people are also funny and cool — when they have parties, it’s always with beer! I’m really exited because of the fact that all people in Germany think about the waste-separation and they do it regularly. I wish we had the same in Russia!

The best thing I’ve seen in Germany is of course the possibility of riding a bike and thousands of bike roads in the city. In Jena it’s also wonderful and I took this possibility every day.

At the end of the report I’d like to say thank you to Eurowerkstatt and your work with us during the year and especially during the Corona times when we needed the help most of all. I wish the whole team Eurowerkstatt the best volunteers and viel Erfolg!