Kindergarten “Munketal”

The Montessori kindergarten “Munketal” Jena offers 116 children, from one year to school age, space for playing, learning and living. Next to their own rooms, the children can use ancillary rooms as well, like a restaurant, exercise- or Snoezelroom to enjoy living to their own development needs.

Around the house is a large garden where the children can find numerous elements to enjoy life, such as playing football, climbing, playing in the sand, etc. The children are supervised by professional teachers and supported after the principle “Help me to do it by myself”. The main axiom developed by Maria Montessori. She founded a concept in the 20th century defined by the support and recognition of the child as a human being with all its facets and rights. Each child is respected as an individual, valued and supported according to his personal needs.
In addition to the Montessori method, we are certified as a “movement-friendly kindergarten”. We live movement everyday. In this aim, we take part of sport offers by the city Jena and we initiate own exercise programs. Every morning we commence a sports program for all children of the kindergarten.
The third key element of our concept, next to the Montessori method and the movement, is defined through the bilingual Spanish – German. In addition to the existing cooperation with a day nursery in Nicaragua, we initiate regularly Spanish exercises to come closer to the Spanish language and culture. In this part, the Spanish volunteers are of the biggest help. They can bring in their culture, personality and language in our daily routine. Together with the children and educators, they will be a part of our community.

Volunteer profile:

– Spanish mother language

– Fun to work with children from 1 to 7 years

– Open for participating in a new community (and culture) and taking tasks

– Conscientious and self-confident

– Enjoy to bring in new hobbies, culture and individuality in a mixed age group of children

– Experienced with children (advantageous)

What we can offer:

– Knowledge about education and human development from 1 to 7 years

– Learn to work in a group for a common aim

– Organising and assisting offers, festivals and celebrations

– Learn to speak German and learn about German culture

– Interculturality

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