Kindersprachbrücke (nonprofit organization)

The children Language Bridge is a nonprofit working association, which emerged from a student initiative in the year of 2002. Within a short time a strong association, supported by some 100 members and volunteers and 35 employees developed.

In addition to the support of children of non-German mother tongue, we are also supporting the inclusion project “Sozialpädagogisches team teaching” and the school social work in a community school run two stationary youth welfare facilities for young people and provide culturally sensitive educational assistance to. In April 2019 our multilingual and sustainable Kita “voice box” opened.

From the offers, more than 200 children aged six to 18 years and their parents in Jena and Thuringia benefit. Since 2014, we are the largest training providers in Thuringia for intercultural training in day care centers and recognized partner in the development of German as a second language in school.

Your place of work would be the international kindergarten and the accompaniment of language and play afternoons at primary schools. The kindergarten is brand new and beautiful and the work is very pleasant in a very harmonious team.