KLEX is an institution of the “KOMME e.V.” which is a non-profit association. KLEX is a child- and youth center in Jena-Lobeda and is open for children and teenagers between the age of 10 and 14 years and their parents. We offer space for exploration inside and outside of our building and we also work together with different social institutions and groups in Jena. We offer an open and informal learning space and many opportunities for kids, to spend their free time with us. Our institution is also a secure place to explore. It is also important for our team to take care of people with special needs and disabilities. Therefore, we take a look at the social background of the district and consider the special needs of socially disadvantaged children. We want to offer alternative leisure activities instead of conventional options.


The main principle of our pedagogical and educational work is:

– Participation

– Low-threshold service and voluntariness

– Working on the social field, flexible and continuously

– Intercultural events

– Gender studies

– Working on the living environment / nonformal and informal education

– Critical partiality and political interest

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