SV Otto-Schott Jena e.V. (Table Tennis Association)

The section table tennis of the SV SCHOTT Jena e.V. consists of approximately 200 active members. More than 90 of these members are minors. Practice sessions for both, youths and adults, take place on a daily basis from Monday to Friday between 16 and 22 o’clock. On the weekends the members regularly participate in team and individual competitions. A special emphasis lies on the integration of and support for migrant youths and people with disabilities. Apart from regular practice and competitions, our table tennis section conducts several “table tennis workshops” on a weekly basis in schools.

The SV SCHOTT Jena e.V. is a member of the Landessportbund Thüringen and by this also of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund. The section table tennis of the SV SCHOTT Jena e.V. is a member of the Thüringer Tischtennis-Verband e.V. and by this also of the Deutscher Tischtennis-Bund.

The section table tennis of the SV SCHOTT Jena e.V. follows the aims defined in the charter of the club. This is especially the (table tennis-)sportive education of its members, the development of a manifold offer of sportive activities and the continued offer of practice and competition possibilities. Momentarily 16 youth-, women- and men-teams of our club participate in league play of the Deutscher Tischtennisbund and the Thüringer Tischtennis-Verband e.V.. In our section table tennis, a team of ten skilled coaches ensures sportive education on a high qualitative level. The team of the coaches is conducted by the head coach, a master of sports science and an A-license holder with more than 20 years of job experience. All coaches are holders of coach licenses and participate regularly in advanced training.

The target group of all our activities are young people who are interested in table tennis. A special emphasis lies hereby on the inhabitants of Lobeda, an underprivileged quarter of the City of Jena with a population of approximately 25.000, where the gym used by our table tennis section is located.

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