Eurowerkstatt has built up a big network of hosting projects in Jena.

We coordinate the application process, the prearrangement and the mentoring of the volunteers. Our hosting projects are mainly active in the field of child and youth welfare or international youth work. The volunteers are involved in the daily work in kindergartens, youth centers or a sports club and get the chance to plan and organize their own projects. This gives you the opportunity to bring your culture closer not only to local children and young people but also to your new colleagues.

KLEX (Youth Center)

KLEX is an institution of the “KOMME e.V.” which is a non-profit association. KLEX is a child- and youth center in Jena-Lobeda and is open for children and teenagers between the age of 10 and 14 years and their parents. We offer space for exploration inside and outside of our building and we also work […]


The open youth center Polaris regards itself as part of the local educational landscape and aims at creating favorable conditions for young people to grow up. We consider ourselves as a place where children and young people from different social backgrounds can get into contact and can exchange experiences, both spontaneously and in a structured […]


Freizeitladen is a social institution for kids and youth. We welcome children at the age of 8 to14 years after they finished their day at school, these children live partly under difficult family circumstances. In addition to family and school, Freizeitladen offers a large number of projects and is, therefore, an important part of their […]

SV Otto-Schott Jena e.V. (Table Tennis Association)

The section table tennis of the SV SCHOTT Jena e.V. consists of approximately 200 active members. More than 90 of these members are minors. Practice sessions for both, youths and adults, take place on a daily basis from Monday to Friday between 16 and 22 o’clock. On the weekends the members regularly participate in team […]

Montessori Kita (kindergarden)

The Montessori day nursery “Munketal” Jena offers 116 children, from one year to school age, space for playing, learning and living. Next to their own rooms, the children can use ancillary rooms as well, like a restaurant, exercise- or Snoezelroom to enjoy living to their own development needs. Around the house is a large garden […]

Kindergarten Jenaplan (preschool section)

If you want to work as a volunteer in a nursery school (kindergarten) perhaps this kindergarten of Jenaplan School could be a wonderful place for your work placement. In the „Vorschulteil Jenaplan-Schule Jena“ we take care of 30 children at the age from 3 Years to 6 years. This kindergartengroup is resident in the middle […]

Treffpunkt (Youth center)

The youth center Treffpunkt is a municipal institution, which is situated in Jena- Lobeda. At our open space, kids and young people from the age of 12 to 21 can hang out and spend their leisure time. Our different offers vary from sports activities, cultural and educational projects to cooperation with other institutions within the […]

Waldkindergarten (Kindergarden)

Waldkindergarten is a kindergarten with a forest pedagogical and open approach for children between one year and school entrance. In our work, we dedicate ourselves to the ethical values according to nature and environmental education. Basically, we are out in nature in any weather, except during storms or temperatures far below freezing. The smallest children […]

Kindersprachbrücke (nonprofit organization)

The children Language Bridge is a nonprofit working association, which emerged from a student initiative in the year of 2002. Within a short time a strong association, supported by some 100 members and volunteers and 35 employees developed. In addition to the support of children of non-German mother tongue, we are also supporting the inclusion […]

Iberoamérica e.V. (nonprofit organization)

The Iberoamérica e.V. is a nonprofit organization in Jena. It was founded 1998 by committed students, immigrants from South America, Spain, Portugal, Cameroon and German inhabitants of Jena. The goal is to support the integration of people with an immigrational background and to cultivate cross-cultural exchange with Hispanic culture. For that purpose, the organization offers […]