Eurowerkstatt has built up a big network of hosting projects for ESC volunteers in Jena. We coordinate the application process, the prearrangements and the mentoring of the volunteers. Our hosting projects are mainly active in the field of child and youth welfare or international youth work. The volunteers are involved in the daily work in kindergartens, youth centers or a sports club and get the chance to plan and organise their own projects.

This gives you the opportunity to bring your culture closer not only to local children and young people but also to your new colleagues.

For the following projects, we are searching for volunteers:








Note: Only EU citizens are eligible to apply. We apologize for the inconvenience.




Montessori-Kinderhaus „Sausewind“

A kindergarten which works with the special pedagogical methods of Maria Montessori. They work independently of ideological and religious confessions as well as parties and other political currents. In their work, they cultivate polite and contemporary forms of personal interaction, communication, management and organisation. Also in their, they take into account equality and equal opportunities … Weiterlesen Montessori-Kinderhaus „Sausewind“


Child- and youth center in Jena-Lobeda for children and teenagers between the age of 10 and 14 years


Youth center in Jena-Nord with offers for people from 6 to 27 years


Youth center in Jena-Winzerla with projects and an open space for children and teenagers from 8 to 14 years

JZ Westside

Youth center in Jena-Lobeda-Ost with offers for leisure time for young people from 12 to 21 years


A kindergarten with a special focus on environmental education and ethical values


A kindergarten with a special focus on intercultural education

Montessori Kita

A kindergarten which works with the special pedagogical methods of Maria Montessori

Kindergarten Jenaplan

The preschool section of the Jenaplan-school with a focus on teaching the Spanish language and culture playfully to the children in the kindergartengroup

Iberoamérica e.V.

A nonprofit organisation with the focus on cross-cultural exchange with Hispanic culture


A nonprofit organisation with the focus on international youth work in the city of Jena