Kindergarten Jenaplan (preschool section)

The “Jenaplan School” is supported equally by kindergarten children, pupils, parents, educators, teachers and technical staff. The preschool part is an integral part of this “life community”. It works on the pedagogical basis of the school concept. In the preschool section, the children are learning the basic principles of Jenaplan education from the beginning. They grow into the school community of the Jenaplan school from an early age or are an integral part of it right from the start.

We offer:

The volunteer has the opportunity to grow with his/her tasks and acquire and develop independence, tolerance, communication skills, as well as professional and social competence. The focus is on using the Spanish language in daily basic communication. The children should hear Spanish as often as possible and in natural situations. The volunteer will support the duties of the educators. After sufficient introduction to day-to-day nursery work, the volunteer can, in consultation with the educator, develop own projects or activities. The themes of the projects can vary from environmental offers, music, drama, sports, games, creative and cognitive services.