One Year in Jena

It is amazing to think how many things you can do in just one year. I was ready to write this report and I started to check some pictures to add and then I realized how many different things I made during this EVS year in Jena.
Jena it is a small city, but that doesn‘t mean there is not so much to do. Actually is the opposite. Jena as a city it is small, yes, but you can just ride your bike and go anywhere. It was so easy to visit other villages surrounding. I have ridden my bike like never before.

We have lived all volunteers together in the same building. This made some things easier, for example, make some new friends and not to be alone in a new country from the beginning. We did some things together like hiking, picnic in Paradise Park or BBQ in the garden. We also celebrated all birthdays and met some days to walk or ride our bikes. Of course not always all volunteers together, but it was nice to know they were there for anything.
My EVS project for this year it was in a kindergarten. The kindergarten in the „JenaPlan Schule“, where I’ve had a really cool experience. As I’ve studied pedagogy, working in this kindergarten (where they use different
pedagogical concepts and methodologies) I have learnt a lot about kids and
new educational ways. Of course I also have learned german. All kids have
helped me a lot as they knew I couldn’t speak any word. It was funny and so nice to see how kids could help me with the language, making some mimics,
speaking slowly or run to find someone who could translate it. I was surprised to see that children of different ages were mixed in the same space. Children from 3 to 6 years old, work together, learning from each

During this year I also have traveled like never before. I had the opportunity to visit some countries near Germany and also I have been in some German cities. I also have traveled to the seminars with some volunteers where we also have met new young people who is having similar experiences all around Germany and we have learnt about the EVS program and other interesting things. I have made some good friends from this seminar and I had the chance to visit them.

After this year I will go back to Spain, my home country. I still haven’t made
any plans, but I would like to work and then continue my studies. I’m sure I
will never forget about this year and all the experience I’ve got from the
kindergarten, from the new friends I’ve made here and from the daily life in Germany.