My year in Jena, my year in Klex

Hi my name is Mouhamed Miouf but I prefer that they call me Monny,

I come from Italy Rome , i’m 22 years old .

I work in the klex youth center in Lobeda.

At the beginning of this project, I never expected to find people like those with whom I shared this wonderful experience.

My large German family begins to talk about them, thanks to them I have missed my loved ones much less than I left in Italy.

We have been really good at staying so close from day one.

It will seem strange to you that I have called them family, because we are not blood relatives, but remember, union is family.

They supported me, helped me, advised me without any prejudice like real families do.

We are linked for life now no one will ever be able to separate us.

This year I learned a lot of things about myself, about life, about work and about the people around me.

On a personal level I have learned to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

Before this year I had many fears about my life, I was always trying to be in control of everything, but now I understood that life must be lived as it is without planning anything, coding yourself to the bottom. I learned to overcome my shyness and open me with the people I have inside because on every person you meet in your life you can parry something from her / him, small or big.

In my work environment I have found great people, patient and kind.

They have always supported me and taught me to bond with the boys without putting pressure on me always with a lot of patience they showed me things.

I have to tell the truth I was afraid before I came here because I know that it is not easy to work with children especially when you cannot speak the language.

But don’t worry, the people you will find will help you a lot on this I’m sure.

I worked with children it was great and very exciting every day they give you joys.

I will take these beautiful moments with me forever every time I think about it I will smile.

Luckily I had a wonderful tutor who has always been there for me anytime or now, I can’t do anything but thank him infinitely.

Now I’m talking to you about Eurowerkstatt. I remember when we did the first seminar talking to the other guys, hearing how their organizations were I told myself that we were lucky to find people like those of the Eurowerkstatt because they always supported us and helped us and taught the good things.

During the covid 19 period we were very worried about our families but they helped us a lot to be less worried.

I can’t help but thank them even so much because they made this year unique.

I will never forget this people are now part of me.