From 20.04 to 27.04, a youth exchange took place in Jena, within the framework of the Jena-Wladimir twin towns. The ÜAG Jena GmbH and the OMOO, the Euroklub Wladimir, were responsible for the preparation and implementation of the exchange, supported by the EuroWerkstatt Jena e.V.. The youth delegation consisted of members of the Euroclub, pupils from the №35 high school, students from Vladimir Medical College and Vladimir State University. The exchange was financed by the Foundation "German-Russian Youth Exchange" within the framework of the German-Russian Year of Municipal and Regional Partnership 2017/2018 (

During their time in Germany, the visitors told the students of the State Vocational School (SBBS) for Health and Social Affairs about their home town of Vladimir. They visited the Friedlich Schiller University in Jena with a presentation about Vladimir, toured the Jena University Hospital and the Red Cross home for the elderly. Also on the programme was a visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp. In addition, they planted 250 trees near the city of Jena. Of course, the meeting with the German youth and international volunteers was not neglected.

We hope that the participants enjoyed the trip and that they will not only take home souvenirs, but also many beautiful impressions. We look forward to another visit and exchange!

Article by Nikolai Kaplenko. Translation by Johanna Grosser.