Become a project

What does hosting a European volunteer mean for an organisation or association?

  • By hosting a European volunteer, an organisation or association commits itself to the fundamental values of a peaceful Europe and focuses on the promotion of interculturality and multilingualism.
  • The volunteer provides fresh ideas and views to the daily tasks, adds an intercultural level and multilingual components to the work content and forms, and allows the institution's target audience to communicate with the institution.

What are the requirements for a host organisation?

  • A clear pedagogical concept with a detailed description of the tasks and learning objectives for the volunteer.
  • Supervision and guidance by an experienced staff member with sufficient knowledge of English (tutor)
  • Labour market neutrality applies: volunteers are not allowed to replace a fully paid workforce, but should also not be employed with routine tasks.
  • Volunteers' tasks should be adapted to their individual skills and aspirations. In the first months they need more support, but later they should be encouraged to plan and implement their own projects.
  • No restriction in the selection to members of a certain ethnic group or religious community or to persons with certain sexual orientations or political convictions.
  • No specific selection criteria such as qualifications, experience and advanced language skills may be required.
  • a monthly ticket can be financed


Cooperation with the Eurowerkstatt

The Eurowerkstatt takes care of:

  • Annual application and settlement
  • Accommodation
  • Arrival (Visa)
  • Insurance
  • Payment of pocket money and lunch money
  • Contact the broadcasting organisation
  • Networking in Jena with the host projects and the tutors
  • Timely registration of volunteers for two compulsory educational seminars (5 and 7 days)
  • Design and delivery of 3 intercultural training sessions (1 day)
  • Planning and implementation of the orientation month
  • Common leisure activities
  • Supporting new host projects with ESK accreditation

The recording project takes care of:

  • Kooperationsvertrag mit der Eurowerkstatt: Koordinationspauschale von 120€/Monat
  • Appointment of a tutor
  • Assistance with the application process and accounting
  • Mobility of the volunteer within Jena (monthly ticket and/or bicycle)

Tasks of the tutor:

  • Contact person in communication with the Eurowerkstatt
  • Participation in three tutor meetings during the year
  • close professional guidance and personal support for the volunteer
  • Conduct regular reflection meetings and create a youth passport