You want to bring more interculturality into your life and try out your English skills?

You know your way around Jena and want to share your favourite spots with others?

You like to be with people and always know about parties, concerts, flea markets and other events?

You know the feeling of being new and a stranger somewhere - and how much you wish you could get help and practical support in such a situation?

Then become a junior tutor at the Eurowerkstatt! Please contact us by e-mail at hosting@eurowerkstatt-jena.de

Every year in September, Eurowerkstatt welcomes around 14 new foreign volunteers who works at major organizations in Jena. We are searching for questioners, helpful hands, and assistance for the tiny obstacles of everyday life, in short: tutors who will enthusiastically greet all newcomers and accompany them through their first few days in Jena.

A selection of possible activities as a junior tutor:

Citizens Registration Office
Opening an account
Doctor's visits
Getting to know the city of Jena and the surrounding area
City tour
Hiking and cycling tours
Visits to concerts and parties
Leisure activities
Research and preparation of offers in English language
Accompaniment for pub crawls, concerts, parties
Sports activities in- and outdoor
Residential house
Help with small crafts or renovation work
Bicycle repairs
Garden work