Eurowerkstatt has a big network of hosting projects for ESC volunteers in Jena! We coordinate the application process, the prearrangements and the mentoring of the European volunteers coming to Jena. Our eleven hosting projects are mainly active in the field of child and youth welfare or international youth work.

Practical Arrangements
You can apply for a voluntary service within the framework of the “European Solidarity Corps” when you are 17 years old, but you have to be 18 years old when we start the project in September. Also, you must not be older than 30 at the beginning of September.

The duration of our project in Jena is 12 months: Our project starts on the 1st September 2024 and lasts until the 31st of August 2025. A sending organisation will help you with the prearrangements in your home country and we will welcome and support you, as soon as you arrive to Jena. During our “month of orientation” with the whole group of volunteers, you will get to know your new home town, the daily life in Germany and your fellow volunteers. After this, you can start working at your own hosting project!

We and your sending organisation will take care of everything important: Your insurance, the application for Visa, your travel costs, your accommodation in Jena, a language course and your intercultural trainings and seminars. You will receive pocket money and food allowance, which will be approximately 450€/month. All in all, you don’t have to pay for your volunteering service!
On the other hand, you have to work 30h – 35h per week on 5 days in your hosting project, but you have 2 days off per month. We organise three intercultural trainings and other interesting workshops for the group of volunteers in Jena and you have to participate in two seminar weeks, which will be organised by the German National Agency of the “European Solidarity Corps.”

Not sure if you can participate?
We want to have an inclusive approach and a project of diversity and social inclusion by involving a diverse range of participants. The ESC program offers additional financial support as well as a many different support measures for participants with fewer opportunities or with specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to participate, but are not sure if and how this could be possible. The more we know about our applicants, the better we can prepare everything for your participation!