Welcome to the Eurowerkstatt Jena Homepage!

Eurowerkstatt Jena e.V. is a non-profit association that was established in 2006. We are active in the field of child and youth welfare and the international (youth) work of the city of Jena. The goal of our organisation is the creation of offers for young people to develop social and vocational abilities, particularly intercultural abilities. We want to sensitise young people to their possibilities and chances they have within Europe. It is very important for us to promote intercultural aspects in the children and youth work of Jena. We cooperate with other non-profit organisations, associations, kindergartens, youth centers and schools of the city. All our actions have the goal of promoting the idea of a united and peaceful Europe and understanding the variety of the European culture especially through and for young people who will build up the next generation.

As a coordinating organisation within the EU-program „Europäischer Solidaritätskorps“ one of the biggest tasks of the Eurowerkstatt is to inform young people about this programme and to coordinate volunteers of the programme. So we advise on the ESK, send young people from Jena to other European countries and, on the other hand, accept young people from different European countries as volunteers in Jena.