Partner projects

With these partner projects in different countries, we have a close cooperation in the ESK. These projects primarily host volunteers from the Eurowerkstatt broadcasting organisation. If you are interested in one of these projects, you can easily apply through us.


In the Mundus project in Barcelona, you can volunteer in different areas. For example, in a youth centre or an institution for people with disabilities.

Czech Republic

In the project "Bunkr" you work in a youth centre. Very different and challenging tasks await you.


In Jena's French twin town Aubervilliers, various sports-related volunteer projects are waiting for you.


Jena's Russian partner city, Vladimir, is particularly attractive for an ESK assignment due to its long-standing cooperation with the Eurowerkstatt.


In Porto you can work on a challenging architectural project.


In Ireland, you will volunteer in a life-sharing community that supports adults with disabilities. An inclusion project.