Cooperation with schools

In order to develop the intercultural competence of all students, we offer school-based programmes in Jena and the surrounding area. In this way, we create the conditions for young people to understand and make use of the possibilities and opportunities in Europe. All of our activities aim to promote the idea of solidarity among nations and an understanding of the diversity of our common European culture among young people.

As a Eurodesk partner, we offer the following events free of charge, neutrally and across all institutions.

Information events on funded mobility programmes such as European Solidarity Basket, weltwärts, kulturweit, 2 school hours

Support with EU applications for school partnerships, diese sind mittlerweile auch über das Programm Erasmus+ förderbar. Anträge würde unser Verein schreiben und ist für Sie kostenfrei

Training of students to become travel guides, which are now also eligible for funding through the Erasmus+ programme. Applications would be written by our association and are free of charge for you.

Internship opportunities for students in our association.

Project lessons, one-day or multi-day offer on site in our facility "Casa Loca" with an international garden. It is about learning or deepening different languages (Russian, Spanish, English) with native speakers in connection with cooking the respective typical dishes of the country.

A volunteer of your own, your school support association can host a volunteer from Europe itself through the European Solidarity Corps, our association makes the application and takes care of accommodation and meals. This volunteer is then at your school for a whole year and supports you in intercultural activities.