Projektzeit: ab September 2020
Projektnahme: Planet Citizen

Skills: The ESC student should enjoy running and have technical and pedagogical knowledge of the sports discipline in which he/she wishes to work. He/she will work under the supervision of a sports director.

Activities: Supervise and guide sporting activities with young people aged 6 to 12, raise awareness and organize workshops for children aged 3 to 5, supervise sporting activities such as "Sport, Health and Wellbeing", accompany young people in competitions, help create partner search and networking files: e.g. for "crowdfunding"

Accommodation: Shared flat with other volunteers, French lessons, own projects, 580 euros pocket money and food allowance, monthly ticket for the entire Paris area, travel expenses of 275 euros for the return journey, child benefit paid up to the age of 25.

Contact person in the project: Guillaume Quilliard