Concept MixTour

The aim of the measure is, on the one hand, to further strengthen our partner relations between Vladimir in Russia, to develop them and make them more sustainable.

On the other hand, the participants should acquire media skills during the youth exchange. They should form their own picture of the other partner and then pass on these experiences in their home country.

By working on a film together, we expect the young people to find a common language, to agree on themes and to enrich each other in the process. Wir unterstützen die Jugendlichen bei dem Erlernen des Umgangs mit einer Kamera, mit Fotografie-Wissen und nicht zuletzt über journalistische Methoden beim Aufbereiten eines Films. Wir werden den Plot gemeinsam erarbeiten und schreiben. Gleichzeitig unterstützen wir die Jugendlichen beim Aufeinanderzugehen, bei Toleranz und Akzeptanz den anderen gegenüber.


The young people are divided into mixed groups, each of which is dedicated to one topic.

1. the young people conduct interviews with youth groups of the subculture.

2. culture and history

The young people conduct interviews with people who work in museums, in the philharmonic hall etc. and visit various sights. They are to work out information material on these independently.

3. Music and dance

The group looks at what dance groups there are for young people in Vladimir or Jena and what opportunities there are for musical activity. They interview two dance groups and a young band. They also learn a dance together or prepare a performance.

4. 4. Organic

The young people visit an ecological centre to conduct interviews with staff and take care of the garden of the Euroklubs oder den internationalen Garten in Jena.

Follow-up and sustainability

A follow-up meeting with the German young people will discuss how to publicise the youth exchange and the media created. Subsequently, events will take place at schools, youth centres or the Eurowerkstatt.