My year as a table tennis coach in Jena

Remembering the preparation and all the expectations from the trip to Germany, I was set up for a rather interesting and eventful year. However, I had no idea how many reality-exceeded expectations. Starting just from living in another country in the company of people who, like you, came to Jena for projects, and just the course of life.
This year brought a lot of acquaintances and new people in my life, for which I am certainly grateful. Although I know that, I did not spend enough time with everyone, from the fact that I had a slightly difficult work schedule to the fact that I moved to another part of the city. Nevertheless, always trying to find time and spend it with people who have become almost like a second family.
Therefore, this year I were acquainted with the culture of the Germans and discovered, Ordnung muss sein (“there must be order”). Moreover, this is beautiful! Order in all its manifestations here in Germany allows you to plan your life and get rid of the extra stress that breeds chaos. Yes, sometimes it is very inconvenient that the Bank closes at six in the evening, and on Sunday, not a single grocery store is open, except for those on duty at the stations. However, you think in a strategic way, take responsibility, think with your head.
My life at SV SCHOTT was very eventful and eventful. Although I was doing almost the same thing as many years before, this year was clearly not in vain for me. I felt like I was part of a coaching team that could achieve better results. It was also incredibly nice to evaluate the results of working with children when they win medals at competitions and the same children who say thank you for something you taught them and helped them achieve such a result. In addition, I realized how much more enjoyable this success is than your own result.
Of course, it is impossible to ignore the topic of trips and the possibility of just breaking off somewhere and go. Since I am from a country outside the European Union, this topic has always been problematic, at least because of the same visas. Nevertheless, when you are inside all this and do not have to worry about such details, everything becomes almost within walking distance, just show the desire. Of course, the corona virus a little overshadows the situation, but this is a great opportunity to look at cities and countries that you have only seen on TV or in pictures.
It is also impossible to ignore and not tell how the quarantine in Jena went. For me, it was the longest in comparison with other volunteers. However, no one was idle, thank you Esther for your creativity and support during this time, it was all very necessary for us, well, for me so exactly. I know that this is not quite correct, but because I did not work, I had a huge, huge, amount of time to fully prepare for school. Which took place online, to my great joy and the time of quarantine really helped me with this very much. In addition, trying to find at least some creative personality, also did not go in vain, I learned to weave bracelets from thread on my hand.
I would like to thank Eurowerkstatt for the opportunity to be a part of the team and for the year, we have lived. Thank you for all the organized events, and just support throughout this year.