Iberoamérica e.V.

The Iberoamérica e.V. is a nonprofit organization in Jena. It was founded 1998 by committed students, immigrants from South America, Spain, Portugal, Cameroon and German inhabitants of Jena. The goal is to support the integration of people with an immigrational background and to cultivate cross-cultural exchange with Hispanic culture. For that purpose, the organization offers several events that encourage the participation of all generations like the cultural Autumn festival “Cinco Sentidos” and the so-called “Kinderecke” (children’s corner) with language and game afternoons for children of non-German and German origin. Through this, the immigrants are encouraged to participate in social, cultural and political life. The main goal is to promote the integration of people with a migratory background into the German society, to preserve the cultural heritage of Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal and to foster the cultural exchange in Jena.
Via cultural offers, we try to present the multifaceted cultural heritage of Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal and to overcome existing prejudice and stereotypes regarding these cultures.
Beside many cultural events, the association offers regular activities for migrants, children and adolescents both in the association rooms and schools in Jena. The activities are designed to put the integration of migrants and the amplification of social and intercultural competences especially of young people into focus.
We collaborate with different partners and enjoy good cooperation with the city of Jena, the Council for Immigrants, the University (Institut for Romance Philology), the Students‘ Council, the „Eine-Welt-Hause e.V.“ and several schools in Jena.

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