Meeting in Berlin

From 22 to 24 May, a conference took place in Berlin at the invitation of SPD member of parliament Christoph Matschie. It was aimed at politically interested people from Thuringia. Volunteers from the EuroWerkstatt Jena e.V. and members of the youth political organisation "Jusos Thüringen" took part in the meeting.

The programme of the trip included:

1) German Bundestag (Reichstag building)

2) Visit to the Russian Embassy in Berlin

3) Guided tour of the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst (site of the surrender of the Wehrmacht in 1945).

4) Führung in der Gedenkstätte und Museum “KZ und Speziallager Sachsenhausen”

5) Visit of the exhibition EXPERIENCE EUROPE in the European House

6) Discussion with MPs in the Paul Löbe House

The trip was very engaging. There was a lot of useful and important information about the political system of Germany and Europe in general. I hope that such a trip will be repeated.

Article by Nikolai Kaplenko. Translation by Johanna Grosser.

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